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AMG Sequoia Drive Physical Therapy moving to new, improved location

Advocate Medical Group’s (AMG) Physical Therapy service off of Sequoia Drive in Aurora is making a small location move that means big improvements for patients.

AMG Physical Therapy will move to an upgraded and improved facility just west of its current spot to 2363 Sequoia Drive in Aurora, effective July 10, 2017. The new location is a few doors down from the existing site, in the Rasmussen College building.

This innovative facility will offer physical therapy patients an expanded gym space with larger windows, spacious waiting area, dedicated parking near the entrance and more. The entire AMG Physical Therapy staff is moving to the upgraded facility, so patients will continue to receive outstanding care and service.

People can find and contact the improved AMG Physical Therapy location at: 

Sequoia - Physical Therapy 

2363 Sequoia Dr.
Aurora, IL 60506


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