All You Need to Know About Lemon Law!

When we think of buying a car, it can be an overwhelming process. You can be confused as to what car to buy and even what color to opt for. But once you buy the car, it feels like you have accomplished something.


But imagine if the car you bought starts having problems the moment you bring it home. Even after trying to resolve the issue, you are facing the same thing. Then you have a lemon car. 

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In this article, we will discuss the lemon car definition and know what is a lemon lawIf you suspect that your car is a lemon, then this article can be of great help to you. 


What is the lemon car definition? 

The lemon laws are designed to ensure that consumers have options when they any goods or products like cars, and they don’t meet the standards they promised. 

The lemon laws are different in every state; hence you should keep a check on the laws of your own state. 


Lemon law and its requirement 

The lemon laws do not apply to every situation. Any issue that is covered under the warranty of the car and is recurring only then the car is considered to be a lemon. Even a used car can be a lemon if its original warranty still exists. 


Your vehicle will be deemed a lemon if-

1- The manufacturer has tried multiple times to resolve the problem but has not succeeded. Or there are issues that are making the car unusable. 

2- You have made attempts to repair the problem within the first year of purchase multiple times. 

3- Since the purchase, the car has not been in service for thirty days. 

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Before considering court- 


When you sign an agreement with the manufacturer, most times, it includes an arbitration clause. It means that instead of going to court, you will take the issue to arbitration. This means that both parties will come to an agreement outside of the court. 


Before you file any lawsuit, make sure to send a formal complaint letter to the manufacturer and then wait for their response. If they do not respond or solve your issue, then you should go ahead with the complaint. You should hire a lawyer who can guide you through the process and is with you at every step of the lawsuit. It might seem very difficult to win a lemon lawsuit, but with the right lawyer, it is possible! 


To sum up, 


Make sure to keep the points mentioned above in mind the next time when you or your close ones are facing the same issue with their new car. Getting a new car and then facing this situation then it can be quite a bad situation.

 It can be frustrating and stressful to go through this. That is why it is best to consult a lawyer to understand the legal process. They will be with you with every step you take. You should consult Allen Stewart for all your legal help.

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