Best Legal Workflow Automation Solutions

Particularly present in the world of marketing, legal workflow automation makes it possible to gain in efficiency. Various tools and various legal workflow automation platforms exist today in an ultra-competitive sector.

To make things easier, try to think of the legal workflow as a construction plan for an Ikea piece of furniture: it shows you how to assemble the piece of furniture step by step. Each of these steps is preceded and followed by another until finalization. It also tells you how many people should be involved in the assembly, what accessories are provided, and what tools will be needed. Sometimes the manufacturing time is also specified to you.

The procedural legal workflow

That’s when the machine purrs. The business processes are perfectly mastered and always identical. Everything is predefined. We are talking about a “frozen” path. For legal workflow automation, this is a perfect choice.

The ah hoc legal workflow

Less locked in, this “legal workflow” invites users to intervene collaboratively to move the process forward and bypass any obstacles. We are talking about a “dynamic” path.

In both cases, the legal workflow has a particularity that we have not yet mentioned. This instrument for streamlining legal workflows is part of an automation approach directly linked to the computerization of processes. To go further, discover some legal workflow examples. The concept is therefore not recent. But its importance grows as the tools become more specific and efficient.

What is automation legal workflow?

Can be translated into French as “the automation of the workflow” legal workflow automation defines a process intended to automate the flow of information in a company. Concretely, this involves automating specific tasks via a succession of automated actions.

What about the use cases (examples) of legal workflow automation?

The use cases for legal workflow automation are extremely varied and can meet different needs. Legal workflow automation, or legal workflow automation, can, for example, make it possible to:

  • Create an automated email scenario
  • Bounce back from a cart abandonment by sending a promotional code, an additional offer or a reminder of the products still available in the cart
  • Automate the process of sending email on key dates in the calendar (birthday of a client or employee, etc.)
  • Set up a nurturing legal workflow etc.

Why use automation legal workflow?

The automation of legal workflow has several advantages. First of all, it saves time and efficiency by freeing some employees from repetitive and unproductive assignments. In fact, these same employees can now concentrate on more important missions. The automation legal workflow also limits the risk of errors linked to human intervention. Automating legal workflows can also be very helpful in streamlining communication.

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Can a Lawyer Assist You in Reducing Your Child Support Payment?

Under the child support law, you have to pay a fixed payment to your child. But if you are facing any problem or want to reduce your child’s expenses. 

With the help of your family lawyer and child support attorney, you can make changes in child support laws for valid reasons. Continue your reading to know more about it.

What you need to know about child protection

You can’t stop this method unless the court says or you have a valid reason. 

State and formula rules usually determine children’s support. It is unavoidable that this method continues unless a judge rules otherwise or you do not have a valid reason to do so. 

You could face the consequences, such as a judge garnishing your wages, taking your driver’s license or professional license, or even ordering you to spend time in jail if you stop making the payment. You must pay child support orders if a court orders it unless you can demonstrate very compelling reasons for doing so.

Children’s support lawyers’ methods

Both child support attorneys and family law are types of practices where the lawyer constantly represents the child. 

  • In the lead up to the hearing

Typically, a hearing or trial is required to determine child support. Also, your attorney will need to gather financial records showing how much each parent earns, such as tax returns, paychecks, and other financial information.

Court hearings are usually required to modify child support payments. Your attorney can help you prepare for your hearing, gather significant evidence, and present your case to the judge.

  • The process of obtaining and modifying child support

Child support guidelines have become law in most states. Parents and judges can determine child support based on their income numbers by plugging them into a child support calculator. 

Child support guidelines can, however, be inadequate in some cases. Your attorney can help you show the judge why it should change your child support award if it differs from the guideline amount.

Can I reduce child support with the help of an attorney?

Getting a reduction in payments requires a legal appeal to be filed with the court. For a state to reduce child support, you must show a substantial change in circumstances that prevents you from paying the court-ordered amount.

The term “substantial change in circumstances” generally refers to something significant if issued the initial child support order. When a medical diagnosis prevents you from working or being fired without fault, you may qualify to lower your child support obligation.


Consequently, you can reduce the child support payment for your child in this way. You should consult an attorney about child support and ensure that the case is filed with valid reasons.

Child support can be redeemed for several reasons, such as the child falling into the wrong company, wasting money, etc. You can also direct the attorney to propose to reduce the amount of those factors taken into account. 

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Shrey Jain is the Co-Founder of Writofy & a Chartered Accountant who works with a team of creative content writers. He holds a forte in creating informative content on niches like crypto, business, fintech, digital marketing, and several others. In addition, his willingness to learn and share his knowledge can immensely help readers get valuable insights on varied topics. 

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Can a Worker Compensation Attorney Help You With Wrongful Activities in Your Employment?

After suffering through a workplace injury you might be thinking about what the process is to claim your worker’s compensation and how this whole thing works? Well, the answer is getting in touch with an experienced workers compensation attorney

Every year countless employers and their insurers try to escape the responsibility of the injuries that a person faces at the workplace. This is also a reason why reaching out to a worker’s compensation attorney is important. 

These legal professionals even help you with various other works such as communicating with medical and insurance staff, providing advice on how to fill out crucial paperwork, and even clarify muddled legal processes. 

Below mentioned pointers will help you understand how reaching out to an attorney can help you.

  • Reach out to them as soon as you file your claim

The process of filing a claim is not that difficult. The victim can themself file a complaint but early partnering with a lawyer can be of much better use. This will help them to know each other which can be a benefit if the claims process turns out to be more difficult than it was anticipated. 

  • Look for them after you have suffered a workplace injury

If you are a victim of workplace injury make sure you reach out to a workers compensation attorney as early as possible. 

This is important, to ensure that they fill out an incident report quickly after the Incident has occurred. The report should contain information like, where the accident occurred, eyewitnesses to the accident, date and time of occurrence as well as the cause behind the occurrence. 

Following this make sure you seek medical assistance. 

  • What claims a law firm can handle for you

There are many different injury claims that a law firm can deal with, a few of them are mentioned below

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Electrocution injuries and many more

However, the employer must look after their employee’s safety. Because many times the injuries caused could have been avoided by taking adequate safety precautions.

  • How they can help you after your claim is denied

Many of the victims are forced to ensure stress and uncertainty because the employer denied their claims. Where this process is already filled with hardship, insurance companies often increase the stress by leaving employees in a dilemma. Do they even have a right to ask for compensation? 

Well, the employees need to be strong and reach out to worker’s compensation attorneys to get proper navigation of the process. And also get navigated of appealing an insurance company’s decision regarding the claim denial. 


A workers’ compensation attorney’s job is to help employees who have been denied claims due to various reasons despite being right at their point. They help you settle your compensation cases if the insurer fails to resolve their case. 

After reading the article you must have got your answer that a workers compensation attorney will help you with the wrongful activities in your employment. Hence make sure you reach out to them to protect your best interests.

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Shrey Jain is the Co-Founder of Writofy & a Chartered Accountant who works with a team of creative content writers. He holds a forte in creating informative content on niches like crypto, business, fintech, digital marketing, and several others. In addition, his willingness to learn and share his knowledge can immensely help readers get valuable insights on varied topics. 

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Divorce and Child Maintenance, Everything You Need to Know About them in The US

In the US, divorce has now become very common. However, when a couple divorces, the children face a crisis as they lose a family.  It is not only traumatic for a child, but it can be emotional for the parents too. A divorce lawyer can help the divorcing parents to get an applicable custodial system for the underaged child. 

Here, you can know about the types of child custody divorcing parents can get in the US. Consider going through this article thoroughly if you plan to divorce anytime soon and are concerned about your child. 

Types of child custody in the US

There are multiple types of child custody in the US. Go through the following part and check the most appropriate kind of custody you can get:

Joint Physical Custody

In the case of Joint Physical Custody, the child is allowed to keep contact with both the parents after a divorce. It is the most convenient type of child custody the US courts grant to a divorcing couple. 

In the case of a JPC, a court provides a schedule for the child in terms of responsibility and costs related to the custody. In this type of custody, the child can always stay in touch with both parents.

Legal Custody

Legal custody assures that a parent can take all significant decisions relating to the child’s life. In this case, the role of a divorce lawyer becomes prominent. The best they can do is settle the legal custody of a child in the style of JPC. 

However, if one parent turns down to have the child’s responsibility, it can be turned into Sole Legal Custody. The details of Sole Legal Custody are given below. 

Sole Physical Custody

A child is provided with Sole Physical Custody if any of the parents refuse to take the responsibilities of a child. In this case, one of the parents will have the all-around right over the child. 

The non-custodial parent, however, can meet the child as per the visiting laws. The court makes the visiting laws, and the divorce lawyer oversees it. Due to this reason, you must hire a proper person who can ensure suitable future days for your child.

At times, a growing child can face an emotional trauma in starting to live with one parent only. So, you should always try to settle a divorce mutually and take Joint Physical Custody for your child. 


Whether it is a divorce or a child custody case, a divorce lawyer can always be a great support. You must always choose someone who practices in your locality. In that case, he is more likely to know your socio-economic condition and file a divorce case accordingly. Another thing you must remember is counseling your child correctly while you are planning for a divorce. Mental trauma should never be there with your child as it can lead them to long-term disorders.  

Author’s Bio

Shrey Jain is the Co-Founder of Writofy & a Chartered Accountant who works with a team of creative content writers. He holds a forte in creating informative content on niches like crypto, business, fintech, digital marketing, and several others. In addition, his willingness to learn and share his knowledge can immensely help readers get valuable insights on varied topics. 


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3 Questions You Should Expect From Your Car Accident Attorney And Why

Establishing negligence is seldom easy, especially when you have suffered mild injuries and the other party is fighting your claim fervently. Car accident attorneys do everything they can to establish negligence because successfully doing so means that half the battle is won.

It is the duty of your car accident attorney to establish negligence and prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that you deserve to be compensated for the damages done to your health and property. However, some of the most important work still lies in your hands as the victim. Because you witnessed the accident firsthand, you will need to cooperate with your attorney and answer all the questions presented to you.

Although the questions vary from attorney to attorney, here are some of the questions top rated car accident attorneys often ask their clients and why they do so.

How Did The Accident Happen?

By asking this question, your attorney is trying to find out if there is a case of negligence or if you’re partially to blame for the crash. If there is a case of negligence, your attorney can proceed to gather evidence to this effect and propose a compensation fee to the guilty party.

However, if you’re partially to blame for the accident, your attorney can prepare your defense in case the opposition decides to use this against you in order to lower the compensation fee.

Have You Been to See a Doctor since The Accident?

If after a car accident, you have not been to the hospital to have your injuries assessed and treated by a doctor, your lawyer will urge you to do so immediately because if it is discovered by the opposing party, they will use it to their advantage and try to claim that the injuries were sustained somewhere else and not in the accident.

However, if you have already started treatment, your attorney can get your prognosis, properly assess the stage you’re at in your treatment, the full extent of the damages you suffered, and the right amount of compensation fee to fight for.

Furthermore, your attorney may also ask if you were nursing any injuries prior to the accident. That way, they’ll be able to counter the opposition if they claim the new set of injuries, like the already existing one, were sustained outside the scene of the accident.

Did You Gather Any Evidence?

The most important thing to do when trying to establish negligence is to gather evidence. However, the accident scene may have been altered by the authorities or other parties before your attorney can inspect the scene. That’s why it is advisable for car accident victims to gather as much evidence as they can after the accident. It could be pictures of the accident scene, the injuries and the damage done to the car or it could be the recording of the views of the people who were present at the time of the accident.

Either way, your attorney will likely ask you for the evidence you were able to gather because it will help them lay your claim, and negotiate a compensation fee much faster.

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The Ultimate Benefits of Hiring a Family Lawyer

When a severe family issue arises, it is inevitable that we will need legal advice at some point in our lives. It may be linked to a variety of issues such as divorce, child custody, spousal support, guardianship, and so on. A family lawyer is someone who helps you in a professional way no matter what the issue is. They can help you with any issue. A family lawyer is a professional like Law Firm Sunshine Coast that can assist you with any of your legal concerns relating to your personal affairs. However, it is necessary to retain the services of an expert family lawyer or attorney. There are many reasons to retain the services of an expert family lawyer. Some of these are discussed in more detail below:

A thorough understanding of family law

When you choose an experienced family lawyer, you can anticipate great legal assistance for your family matters. Because he has extensive understanding of family law, he will be able to better comprehend your circumstances.

The Appropriate Experience

Because a family lawyer like Law Firm Sunshine Coast, has chosen to specialise in this area of law, he or she must have extensive expertise in the field. You should consult with a family law attorney who has an extensive expertise in a variety of family law matters.

Knowledge of all processes is essential

When it comes to dealing with various family problems, each state has its own set of processes. As a result, your knowledgeable attorney is the best person to defend you in court in an appropriate way.

Lawyer’s professional reputation

Your experienced family lawyer must have a solid record for dealing effectively with a wide range of family law matters, from the most straightforward to the most complex.

Increasing the efficiency of the process

We are all aware that lawsuits may go on for years before reaching a conclusion. In this situation, an experienced family lawyer is expected to use his knowledge in such a manner that you get justice as quickly as possible. This is why it is preferable to hire an experienced attorney.

Experience working with other attorneys

An experienced family lawyer like Law Firm Sunshine Coast, has a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with other lawyers in a professional and effective way. He understands how to deal with the lawyer for the opposing party.

What’s the point?

Divorce is a difficult subject. Divorce has numerous rules and moving components. A family law attorney can assist make choices regarding assets, alimony, and child support. A family lawyer helps ensure your rights are safeguarded and you get all dues.

Issues with Adoption

Adopting a kid is a big step for your family. We can assist you with all state details and legal procedures. You want to ensure that your adoption goes well and that no delays prevent you from welcoming your new family member.

Custody Settlement

Child custody is a touchy subject. Custody battles are a fact of life A competent family lawyer is essential for a smooth child custody change. We can assist you to resolve any problems in your child custody fight. A good Central Texas lawyer referral service can help you locate a qualified family lawyer to handle even the most difficult child custody cases.

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Easy way to make your legal work efficient!

Legal work and proceedings are tedious and can be very time consuming at times. Lawyers have to manage a lot different tasks and get them done simultaneously. In case you find it difficult to manage everything together, then Advoware is a software that you need right now. Yes! Advoware is a legal management tool that helps you to carry out different tasks at the same time with great efficiency. It helps to establish efficiency, improve organization, and accountability at any legal firm. This is the kind of software that you would want to use. Let’s check how advoware works and what are the top benefits that you can get from it now.

How does advoware works as a program?

Advoware is a law firm software that can best meet your individual needs. It acts like a data center that gives access to anyone who is looking for the relevant data. As with the computer centers, as many companies know, all important data and information is sent to Advoware. Lawyers have direct access to up-to-date negotiation in just a few minutes. This is a huge advantage for lawyers, but as a law firm and data center, anyone who works as a lawyer and uses Advoware has more options.

You and your team members have all the data you need to effectively answer customer questions, even if you don’t currently have an attorney. So, Advoware is the most advanced Kanzleisoftware to get access to a centralized data center in a legal firm for more efficiency.

Benefits of Using Advoware For a Legal Firm

Let’s take a quick look at the top benefits a legal firm can attain when they use Advoware

  • Better customer service – a case management software like Advoware helps attorneys and staff better manage client files. Opening the virtual file allows any employee to immediately update the item. No need to spend hours to find a paper file or ask someone else for it when a customer calls. All information is available in just a few clicks to everyone who needs them. This helps to facilitate better customer service at all times.

  • Better Cybersecurity – cybersecurity is a major concern for law firms both large and small. Law firms can protect their data without file management software, but keeping up to date with the latest security threats takes time & resources. Programs like Advoware makes it easier to manage. In addition to its security features, it is also used by companies that invest in security software to safeguard themselves in the future. Efficient cybersecurity is one of the best ways to protect your legal firm from any cyber attack.

Advoware has been designed to deliver the most efficient management and brings a whole set of robust features to the lawyers and other attorneys who work in legal firms. If you are in search for a Kanzleisoftware für Juristen, then Advoware is the best option in front of you.

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Injured In A DUI Accident? Here Are Your Next Steps


If you have been injured in a DUI accident, your whole life can change in an instant. Not only will you have to deal with devastating injuries and debilitating pain, but you will now have to endure extensive medical bills that can affect you and your whole family. However, you do not have to go through this horrifying ordeal on your own. You deserve compensation and justice for the damages you sustained, and in this blog post, we will discuss the steps you need to take to go after this financial recovery. 

Contact 911 Immediately After a DUI Accident

Following a DUI accident, you need to call 911. This is the fastest way to get the accident on record and notify emergency medical services if you or someone at the scene needs medical help. 

Once the police arrive, they can investigate the accident, write down their findings in their police report and charge the driver with DUI. If you decide to pursue an injury claim, this report can provide you with necessary details regarding what happened and who was at fault. 

Gather Evidence From the Scene

If you believe that the other driver involved in the crash was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, watch for suspicious behavior such as slurred speech as you are waiting for the police to arrive and document it with your phone.

In addition, if the area is safe, make sure you try to get as many pictures and videos of the accident as you can. Include photos of your visible injuries, the vehicles involved in the crash, traffic signs near the accident scene, skid marks on the road, and any other evidence that can help show what happened.

Get Driver Information

Try to exchange information with the other drivers involved in the crash, including names, contact details, insurance information, and driver license numbers. However, if the other driver is being combative or is too intoxicated to provide you with these details, wait for the police to arrive.

Obtain Witness Details

If there were individuals at the scene who saw what happened, make sure you get their names and contact details. Witness statements can often provide you with valuable evidence regarding the accident and help back up your claims. Yet, if these witnesses do not want to offer you their information, do not force them. Instead, when you retain an experienced car accident lawyer, these attorneys can work on obtaining this information and testimony for you.

Watch What You Say

As you are talking to the other drivers and witnesses at the accident scene, you need to watch what you say. You want to make sure you avoid making any definitive statements, taking fault for anything that happened, or apologizing for the accident. These types of accounts can come back and hurt you later on, affecting the amount of money you can receive.

Get Examined By a Doctor

Even if you believe your injuries are not that serious, you still need to get examined by a doctor. This is because serious injuries such as severe head and brain trauma can often take days to even weeks to manifest. Yet, the longer you wait to get medical help, the more deadly the injury can become. For these reasons, it is best to get to a doctor as soon as possible following a DUI car accident. 

In addition, getting medical treatment promptly after your crash is also vital for your case. Insurance companies will try to do anything to deny your claim or decrease the amount of money you can receive. By not getting prompt medical assistance, the insurer will argue that your injuries are not that serious or a result of a subsequent event. Fortunately, when you see a doctor shortly after your accident, these doctors can write down information regarding your injuries in their medical report, ultimately providing you with evidence of a direct link between the harm you sustained and the accident.

Contact an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer As Soon As Possible

If you have been harmed in a DUI accident, getting the money you need for the harm and losses you endured is not as easy as many individuals expect it to be. In truth, there are various legal hurdles victims need to jump over to get this compensation. 

However, you do not have to go through this complex legal battle on your own. Once you retain a skilled car accident lawyer, these attorneys can provide you the legal help you need, including:

  • Evaluating your potential legal claim and going over your legal options
  • Answering all of your questions and providing you with the support you require during this challenging time. 
  • Investigating your case thoroughly and obtaining the evidence needed to show fault and damages.
  • Handling all the discussions and negotiations with the insurance company.
  • Bringing in the experts such as accident reconstructionists and doctors to substantiate your claims.
  • Taking your case to trial, if needed, and fighting for the maximum damages you deserve.

If a DUI accident disrupted your life or the life of a loved one, do not wait any longer to seek legal help. Instead, reach out to an experienced car accident attorney and let these lawyers show you how they can fight for you and your rights.

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Preparing A Client For A Video Deposition

When it comes to defending consumers against giant corporations, lawyers need every advantage they can obtain, given the limited resources and odds they often face. That involves ensuring that their clients and witnesses leave opposing counsel with nothing they can use to sway a jury’s decision.

When it comes to how their clients and witnesses portray themselves to the jury, lawyers should be aware of the usage of video deposition. In the past, stenographers prepared text statements for depositions. Video, on the other hand, incorporates the subject’s picture and voice into the deposition. That means that every nonverbal cue, such as body language and physical expression, can either increase or weaken the subject’s evidence. Any flash of emotion, or seeming lack of emotion, will be noticed by jurors, and the subject’s performance during a video deposition might have a significant impact on the jury. If the occasion warrants, even opposing attorneys can benefit from a client’s or witness’s nonverbal indications.

That’s why attorneys should devote as much time and effort to preparing a client or witness for a video deposition as they do to preparing them to testify in court. Clients and witnesses should be aware that how they appear and act during the video deposition can be just as crucial to the jury as the testimony itself.

To prevent the subject’s appearance from unintentionally affecting the jury, the subject should be clothed professionally and put in front of a neutral backdrop. The subject should also be taught how to use good body language, such as not slouching, fidgeting, or making exaggerated facial gestures. Subjects should also be prepared for anticipated lines of enquiry and taught how to ask for clarification if they don’t understand a question.

Video depositions have altered the way testimony is presented to juries, but not necessarily the way in which that testimony can influence a jury. It’s just as vital to prepare clients and witnesses for video depositions as it is to prepare them for the witness stand. The following resource offers some advice for attorneys on how to help their clients and witnesses give their best video testimony.

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What to Know About North Carolina Gun Laws

What do you think is more important — the Second Amendment or limiting gun ownership? Recent surveys reveal some surprising findings. Only 44% of Americans think the 2nd Amendment takes priority. 46% valued limiting gun ownership.

Regardless of your stance, you need to adhere to North Carolina gun laws if you live in or visit the state. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. If you want to avoid potential criminal penalties, then you need to get informed.

Read on to learn laws surrounding buying, possessing, and carrying guns in NC.

Purchasing Firearms in NC

Despite what you’ve heard about the 2nd Amendment, not everyone has a right to get a gun. State laws restrict who can buy firearms. First of all, you must be at least 18 years old. You must be 21 to buy a handgun from a dealer.

Next, you must undergo a background check. You can’t get a gun if you’re a felon or found mentally incompetent. You can buy a firearm if you’re an out-of-state resident. You’ll still need to get a background check, though.

North Carolina Gun Laws: Possession and Open Carry

Are you hoping to carry your firearm out in the open in public? If so, then you’re in luck. You don’t need a permit in NC to open carry. You do have to be in a lawful area, though. Weapons aren’t permitted in schools, state buildings, or at public events.

North Carolina has strict laws when it comes to concealed carry. For the most part, it’s not legal to be willful and intentional with concealing a firearm in public. There are exceptions to this rule, though.

If you seek out a valid concealed handgun permit, you can carry a concealed handgun. If you’re an out-of-state resident, then you need to have a permit in your state. Here’s what you’ll need to do to apply:

  • Complete an application
  • Pay an $80.00 application fee
  • Document your fingerprints with the local Sheriff’s office
  • Complete a handgun safety course

Do you have more questions? Get certified or learn more at

Restricted Weapons in NC

Like anywhere else in the nation, both federal and state laws restrict your right to own certain guns. Here’s an overview of some restricted weapons in NC:

  • Grenades
  • Bombs
  • Rockets
  • Mines
  • Automatic fire weapons
  • Any silencer or muffler attachments
  • Any rifle with a barrel less than 16 inches
  • Machine guns
  • Teflon-coated bullets

There’s no excuse for anyone to have these items. If you do, then you’ll face significant criminal penalties.

Remain Compliant With the Law

Remaining compliant with North Carolina gun laws is necessary if you visit or live in the state. A failure to do so will likely lead to criminal penalties. From imprisonment to a seizure of your property, consequences may vary.

Don’t risk it! Follow the laws above to remain in the clear.

Are you hoping to stay informed on other trending legal issues? If so, then you’re in the right place. Head back over to our main blog page now to see more of our best articles.

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