Do You Know How Long It May Take for Your Personal Injury Claim Settlement?

There may be a situation when you have injured yourself and your personal injury case is dragging for months and that may even lead to years. You might wonder, will it be possible to settle your case faster and for that, you may even be ready to accept less compensation money. Though it is not a good strategy, however, you can do it.

Now the important thing to consider is how much you will be ready to give up. These days often many lawyers suggest using a settlement calculator for personal injury that one can use based on their individual case.

Now let us try to understand what are the underlying reasons that may delay the settlement of your personal injury case. How long does it take to settle a personal injury case? This timeline of a personal injury case will show you how long it takes to settle a personal injury case.

1.    You need very extensive medical treatment for your multiple surgeries

Often it becomes risky to settle such a case before reaching maximum medical improvement. There can be several reasons like:

  • Difficult to recover
  • Need intense rehabilitation
  • Need multiple surgeries
  • Complex medical issues
  • Complications due to a failed surgery or infections.

An injury lawyer must track recovery, medical care, and other specific needs very carefully. The lawyer may be needed to consult with medical experts to speed up the assessing process to calculate the damages.

2.    There may be certain legal/factual issues related to your case

Sometimes, insurance companies try to evaluate your claim. They too have legal experts and if they find any weak evidence then will try to settle your case with either a tiny amount or deny it completely.

Sometimes, the insurer will question your credibility and hire certain private investigators for tracking your activities and reduce your compensation through certain unfair allegations. Therefore, you will need the help of an experienced lawyer to fight back legally and respond to all these allegations.

3.    You may have an injury claim that is of very high-value

For small claims like minor injuries are settled quickly. However, if your claim is very expensive then insurance companies use certain drastic measures or use delay tactics and slow down your claim process.

In such cases, mediation can be often beneficial. During this process, a neutral party, which will usually be a specially trained lawyer can help the parties negotiate, by finding some common ground.

4.    You are unrepresented

If you do not have any lawyer to plead your case, then the insurance company will have an advantage. Often, they will try to make your claim week by ordering various past medical records and ask you to undergo multiple medical exams.

They may avoid your phone calls, with the hope that finally you will give up and be ready for an unfair settlement.

These days, you can get in touch with any personal injury lawyer even through various social network sites like Facebook too. So, don’t let your case be unrepresented.