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Need for a child support lawyer

Causes of guilt in Houston TX have typical causes such as adultery and alcohol or drug addiction. You can also file for divorce if your wife or husband commits what the Houston TX regulation classifies as a “crime against nature,” both before and after making marriage vows. Other causes include:

A specific wife or husband is hospitalized for a period of 5 years or more (this requires a statement from the supervisor of the psychiatric hospital confirming that the husband or wife is incurable) Domestic violence or concern about the possibility of this occurring. A case in which the wife was pregnant with a child from another man at the time of marriage without the knowledge of the husband. A wife or husband has been imprisoned in any state for two years before filing, the full sentence is currently more than 7 years, and if the wife has lived separately from the husband in Houston TX for two years or more.

Division of property

The state of Houston TX applies the equitable distribution of divorce cases, which means that the marital home will be divided in what the court decides is the truthful way between the spouses, depending on a number of factors and therefore the need for child support lawyers in Houston TX arises. The court may not divide the separate residency of each of the husbands or wives, perhaps during or before the marriage period. The variables indicating the division of marital property include factors such as the level of income and the personal home of each partner.


In child custody divorce legal guidelines, Houston TX is the same as any other state in the nation, and child custody is established according to what the court considers the best possible end result for the child and children. Young children, which leads to minimal emotional impact after a divorce. The law states that if the reason for divorce is the husband’s abandonment of the husband, custody reverts to the husband when the children reach the age of seven, provided that he is the appropriate parent in the court’s eyes.

Young child assistance and marital assistance

Child and spouse support payments may also be required on a consistent or indefinite basis. This depends on things like the relative income of nearly all wives or husbands / fathers and the resulting lifestyle changes in conjunction with the divorce process. It is very important that you obtain the details and expertise on issues of child assistance laws in your own space.

In child custody settings, child support is an important consideration in similar agreements, shortly after a divorce or separation and custody willpower, the court can commit to a specific meeting (the debtor) to make periodic payments to the other (obligor) party. In most cases, the person making the payments does not have custody of the child, and the person receiving the payments does. When the court has joint physical custody, and the youngster spends a lot of time with mothers and fathers alike, child support can be expected to date, depending on the amounts of income of the parties involved.

Most countries and global bodies recognize the responsibilities of every mother and father in raising and improving their young children, regardless of whether the father and mother live together or separately.

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When to Seek a Lawyer – Everything You Should Know Before Filing a Court Case of Any Kind 

Court cases aren’t won on promises. It is the skills of an attorney that decide and seal the fate of a court case. Choosing a lawyer precariously can, thus, have disastrous results. Experienced lawyers are professional, dedicated, fully aware of all kinds of laws – trust law, family law, as well as estate law – and, most importantly, they are not money making machines. They have a reputation to keep. Hence, they respect their job and treat every case as a new case instead of seeing every case as the same. 

This singular approach is very handy since personal attention helps in finding minute details that can otherwise go unnoticed. And, sometimes, such minute details end up making the entire difference. 

That said, this guide will take you through the different aspects of what is handled under all three kinds of laws in Canada – Trust Law, Family Law, and Estate Law. 

Trust Law

You can approach Trust Lawyers Litvack Dessureault LLP in any of the following cases. 

  • Matters concerning patriarchal property related to assets that are kept in the family trust. 
  • If your former spouse is claiming to be a beneficiary in the family’s trust. 
  • If you want to understand your holdings and rights in a trust deed. 
  • If you’re a member of a trust and a creditor is trying to force a judgment against the holdings of the trust. 

Family Law

You can approach a legal firm to represent the following cases under the family law of Canada. 

  • Seeking an urgent divorce on the grounds of abuse. 
  • Seeking a mutual divorce. 
  • Alimony settlement. 
  • Custody of the child.
  • Restraining order. 
  • Financial support for the child and/or spouse support. 

Estate Law

Commercial disputes can be very tricky. Hence, you can seek the help of a lawyer under the Estate law in all the following cases. 

  • If there’s a dispute regarding the assets/shares you hold in a company. 
  • If the matter involves changing a liquidator and your partner(s) agrees to it but you don’t. 
  • When the dispute arises due to the verification of letters. 

Estate lawyers can also help in making affidavits and writing a will or reviewing a company’s legal document. 

That much established, let’s now address the matter of how to find an attorney that’s worth your trust. 

The different ways in which that can be done are listed below. Have a look. 

  • Pay a lot of attention to what the previous clients have to say about the legal firm you’re planning to hire. 
  • Find out how long the firm has existed and what is their winning ratio.
  • Also, do your research about the firm before you meet a lawyer to get a basic idea about whether they’re as knowledgeable as they claim to be. 
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Divorce 101: Here’s why you need a divorce lawyer

In Quebec, you can file for divorce on many grounds, including breakdown of marriage, adultery, mental cruelty, or physical cruelty. In some cases, a separation period of one year is mandatory before divorce can be granted, but for cases related to abandonment, adultery, mental cruelty, or physical cruelty, this may not be necessary. 

Talk to any known law firm, and they will tell you that hiring an attorney is the best thing you can do to ease the divorce. Let’s get real here – divorces are essentially complicated, and even if you agree with your spouse on things like alimony, child support and custody, you still need someone who can protect your interests. Working with divorce lawyer Andrew Heft and his team can help you understand the various aspects and your rights better. Here’s more on why you need to hire a lawyer. 

  1. Legal knowledge. Like we mentioned, having the support of a divorce lawyer to protect your rights and interests is rather important. Whether it is about distribution of assets or deciding on child custody, you need someone who can work it out and negotiate further with the divorce lawyer of your spouse. You never know if you are getting a raw deal, regardless of your terms and relations with your spouse. 
  2. Reduce your stress. Divorces can be stressful, especially when you are unsure of how things are done, or ways to resolve some of the usual problems. A divorce lawyer will work on your side, take over the paperwork, and ensure that everything is done right, so that your case doesn’t get delayed for unexpected reasons. 
  3. Cost effective. Contrary to what many people believe, divorce lawyers don’t have to be expensive. Depending on whether you divorce is a contested or uncontested one, you can expect them to charge by the hour, or ask for a flat fee. If the divorce is expected to drag for long, you may have to pay for retainer charges. 

Final word

Discussing things with your spouse and coming to conclusions may not be as easy as it seems on paper. You also need a divorce lawyer to retain objectivity in the case and have clear legal advice on things that you should agree about and other aspects that demand more attention. This is one of the biggest decisions of your life, and you need a lawyer who can help you make the right choices. 

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