April 2021


Should I Hire A Process Server For My Texas Business?

Considering the legal attributes in business is the newest trend, especially in the global business expansion. A Process server is a person who looks after the legal side of your business. He has also a crucial role in suggesting legal advices according to the new business strategies. By having a Process Server it is possible to gain more profit margins while abiding by the rules and regulation of a specific area. 

Unburdening business strategies

Process server is there to carry out all the problems which you will face regarding the business expansion. He will also help you to get reach of legal documents which is important for your personal and organisational life. So you should search for the right process server houston texas has as it will certainly help you save your precious time. 

Courts and other legal authorities also take advantage of hiring a private process server in order to augment the legal procedures in a more integrated manner. Investigation firms and renowned lawyers are also too much fond of hiring a process server who can be the best helping hand for them. 

Understanding law requirements for different provinces

A Process Server is a well known person with the regional and state laws. He will certainly help you in getting a better view on how to advance in global business with different provincial rules and regulation. A process server will also help you skilfully in maintaining the integrity both in real and professional life. 

Most of all, the main benefit of hiring a process server is to get legal advice in every step. Business developers around the world has recommended hiring a Process Server highly as it would certainly help you to align the business with the governments patronisation. Safety and security in the workplace are the new attributes and by hiring a process server it is also possible to apply better safety norms in your business organisation.

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Reasons to Get Turkish Citizenship


The Eurasian country Turkey gets millions of visitors every year. This country is wealthy with its geographical advantage, historical structures, cultural values, and natural beauty. It also enjoys a strategic geographical and cultural importance. It has been playing the role of a bridge between European and Asian cultures and civilizations for centuries. Its strategic geographical position has made it an important trade route between the East and West. 

Turkish citizens can enjoy a high quality life with growth in superstructure and infrastructure projects. Turkey has opened its gates to a beautiful life to the foreigners as well. People belonging to other countries can get Turkish citizenship along with Turkish passport through investment or purchasing residential property with professionals like Elmaslar Real Estate. There are quite a few good reasons to contribute towards Turkish economy.

The Passport

 In the year 2018 Turkish passport got 114 points and occupied 39th place. Turkish citizen with the passport can enter seven countries with online visa while getting visa free access to 42 countries. The citizen can get the visa at the border of these 42 countries. The passport is capable of granting visa free access to 77 countries like Brazil, Serbia, Chile, Qatar, Thailand and more. Turkish passport holders also get visas from many countries under easy conditions. 

High-quality Life

Turkish life is considered to be high quality one with the access to free and advanced educational opportunities. This country provides a safe environment along with excellent health facilities. Exemption from military service can be granted if one applies for TCBI. This country offers one of the world’s most unique cuisines, the Turkish cuisine. The Mediterranean climate with scenic beauty has rendered Turkey its most beautiful and cherished treasure which helps it to grow its economy through tourism. The laws for getting Turkish citizenship through investing in real estate have made this life accessible to citizens of other countries.

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What Is the AIBE XVI Syllabus?

AIBE is administered by the Indian Bar Council (BCI). After passing the AIBE (16) test, BCI issues a “Certificate of Practice” to qualified applicants. The test is open to applicants who have earned a law degree and want to practice law. The written examination will be administered in 11 separate languages in 40 cities throughout the world. Thorough knowledge of the AIBE XVI (16) 2021 exam pattern assists law graduates in tailoring their training to the test’s specifications. The AIBE examination pattern provides an overview of the AIBE’s fundamental structure by outlining the test mode, exam length, marking scheme, and other critical aspects of the exam. Candidates should be aware that the AIBE XVI 2021 test would not be an open-book test.

Syllabus AIBE 16 2021 

Questions would be drawn from 19 different topics. The topics are classified as Category I and Category II. 

Category I will consist of seven questions, and Category II will consist of twenty-three. Additionally, candidates must go through past years question papers and ensure that they have covered the syllabus. The AIBE syllabus is heavily influenced by the subjects and topics learned during graduation.

The syllabus of AIBE XVI with the respective number of questions is as follows:

S.No Topic Number of Questions
1 Constitutional Law 10
2 Criminal Procedure Code 10
3 Code of Civil Procedure 10
4 Indian Penal Code 8
5 Family Law 8
6 Evidence Act  8
7 Law of Contract, Specific Relief, Property Laws, Negotiable Instrument Act 8
8 Law of Tort, including Motor Vehicle Act and

Consumer Protection Law

9 Labour & Industrial Laws 4
10 Law related to Taxation 4
11 Alternative Dispute Redressal including Arbitration Act 4
12 Public Interest Litigation  4
13 Professional Ethics & Cases of Professional Misconduct under BCI rules 4
14 Administrative Law 3
15 Environmental Law 2
16 Company Law 2
17 Cyber Law 2
18 Intellectual Property Laws 2
19 Land Acquisition Act  2

AIBE XVI Eligibility Criteria 

Candidates for AIBE XVI 2021 must meet the eligibility requirements defined by the Bar Council of India. The eligibility requirements for AIBE XVI 2021 are as below:

  • Candidates must have a three-year or five-year law degree from an institute recognized by the Bar Council of India. 
  • Candidates must be licensed with their respective state bar associations. 
  • AIBE XVI 2021 qualifying requirements lists no upper age limit for taking the test.

Exam Pattern for AIBE (XVI)

The AIBE 16 exam pattern will be as follows: 

  • The AIBE 16 entry examination will be administered in a paper-and-pen format (OMR). The exam would last approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. 
  • Candidates with impairment of at least 80% would be given an additional 30 minutes to complete the test. 
  • The test will consist of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). The whole examination would be worth 100 marks. Each right response would be worth one mark. The test would not include any negative marking.
  • Candidates will be provided with OMR Answer sheets on which to record their responses. Aspirants are required to use only ballpoint pens for all entries in the OMR Answer sheets, even while filling in bubbles. If more than one response is bubbled against a query, it shall be deemed wrong.

AIBE 16 Important Dates 

The Legal Education Committee and representatives of the Bar Council of India passed the notice putting the All India Bar Examination into effect.

Commencement of Online Registration  26th December
Deadline of Online Registration 30th April
Release of Admit Card  Announcement yet to come
Examination Date 30th May
Result Declaration Announcement yet to come

Check all details of AIBE 2021 exam like dates, application form, eligibility, and syllabus, admit card, results, pattern, preparation tips, question papers, and more at 

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Construction Accident Claims: How to Hire a Lawyer

Construction accidents can happen for many reasons. Construction workers may be injured due to issues with building materials, equipment, or tools. Some injuries are minor and some are life-changing; it all depends on the severity of the injury itself and how it may affect your quality of life. If you’ve been injured in a construction accident, you may have compensation available to cover medical expenses and pay for lost wages. And when you need a lawyer to help with your claim- we’re here for you!

We will discuss why it is important to hire a construction lawyer st paul mn after being injured in a construction accident. We will also go over what types of injuries can happen during a construction accident and the severity of those injuries. For example, some may be minor and others are life-changing. And of course we’ll be going over the compensation one could get from an injury claim in the event they are injured in a construction accident.

What Do I Do If I’ve Been Injured on the Job?

We will first go over what to do if you have been injured on the job site or around your office during work hours or after hours. This includes what type of documents you will need to give out and what is important when submitting a claim.

It is important to note that all work-related injuries require a report from your employer. Whether this was an injury during a construction accident or it was just an injury that happened during your days off, you will still need to have the report sent in. If you were injured at work, it’s best to document the incident as soon as it happens and keep copies of everything- we’ll discuss how you do this later on.

What Do I Need to Prove My Case?

Next, we’ll go over what you will need to prove your case. Depending on the severity of your construction accident injury, you may have a lot of documentation to show that you are injured and need compensation. We’ll go through the various pieces of documentation you may need to provide. This will include things like pictures of the site where your accident happened, employee/employer records, medical bills, etc. These are just pieces of evidence, but they could make or break your claim.

Why Is It Important to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

There are also other reasons why it is important for individuals who have been injured on the job to hire a personal injury lawyer. We will discuss those reasons and the importance of hiring a lawyer that can help you with your claim.

In order to protect your legal rights, you should hire a lawyer that has the knowledge and experience to handle your case. Often times it is not necessary to have a law degree—a lawyer with experience can help you get compensation for your injuries, help keep your case straight, and fight for the best possible outcome. It’s important to remember that there are many issues that could come up during a construction accident claim. We will discuss what those issues are and how they could affect your case at hand.

Construction accidents can happen for many reasons. Construction workers may be injured due to issues with building materials, equipment, or tools. Some injuries are minor and some are life-changing; it all depends on the severity of the injury itself and how it may affect your quality of life. If you’ve been injured in a construction accident, you may have compensation available to cover medical expenses and pay for lost wages. And when you need a lawyer to help with your claim- we’re here for you!

Have you been involved in an accident and need help? Check out now.

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Predatory Lending That Can Destroy Hotel Business

The entire world is grappling with the on-going pandemic COVID-19 as it jeopardized the economy of each business over the world. Significantly, the hospitality business has been influenced as the spread pandemic hindered the working of inns by the strict health measures. Yet, who is really battling, proprietors of hotels or the creditors? Clearly, the proprietors have been really enduring because of the lower revenue in this difficult stretch which makes them incapable to reimburse the lenders. Along these lines, the real moneylenders, who have given advances to the hotel proprietors, must approach to help battling organizations by giving them adequate chance to reimburse their credits with the goal that such proprietors are in any event ready to endure and handle this grave emergency. 

On the other side, there are vicious moneylenders held with covetousness and egotism. One focal point of predatory loan is commercial mortgage back securities loan is ordinarily alluded to as CMBS advances, including banks that are constantly pushing the inn proprietors to the financial edge by gathering extreme charges which are not forced for encouraging genuine administrations but instead make unfair picks up along these lines making improper misfortunes on such hotel proprietors. 

Such moneylenders are much of the time reluctant to work with hotel proprietors in the midst of budgetary trouble, forcing significant expenses for activities that are not financial defaults by the borrower, for example, when the inn’s monetary record or income drops yet the debt service payments are not missed. That might be considered as an unscrupulous act of savage loaning with respect to such banks. 

Today, we have discovered one more case of such corrupt practices adopted by the predatory lender Trez Foreman Capital Funding (hereinafter referred to as ‘Trez’), a partnership situated in Florida whose Chief Executive Officer is Mr.Morley Greene. At the point when the COVID-19 pandemic hit hotel bussiness hard, Trez  entered into an called ‘Restraint Agreement’ with one of its borrowers – HIE Developers – requiring the inn to pay all of its accessible net income to Trez on an exceptionally fast premise. It is to be noticed that HIE is at risk to pay $1,050,000 to another leaser MB Atlantic because of a legally binding agreement between MB Atlantic and HIE Developers, as delineated in a claim recorded by MB Atlantic that spreads out how Trez took cash that in any case would have paid MB Atlantic. Along these lines, Trez is harming hotel business as well as different creditor through its abusive CMBS practices. Trez claims through its site that “Our team prides itself on deep real estate industry expertise and on-the-ground perspective “. In the event that it genuinely had “on the ground point of view” it would not hurt those whose investments facilitate the hotel development. 

There are endless questions that emerge as to why is Trez pursuing such predatory lending? Is it insatiability or presumption? What will they get by annihilating resources and occupations? The claim documented by MB Atlantic is a reminder to all proprietors of the hospitality business to get the news out about the dishonest lending of Trez. On the off chance that you share our interests, at that point alert your neighbourhood business journalists, chosen authorities, and whenever required at that point gripe straightforwardly to Trez by E-mail at It is high time for the hospitality industry to come together and Congress to pass legislation that protects vulnerable hospitality industry veterans and honest hotel owners.


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Alex OjjehWas Not “Dirtied Up” He Was Just Dirty

In 2013 Romano started a hedge fund firm, Mr. Romano from the hedge fund world partnered with Mr. Ojjeh, former chief of technology officer of American Orient Capital. Ojjeh invested $700,000 into the firm and the firm ran $1 billion in assets at its peak. As the company grew in size, Ojjeh embraced risker investment strategies. Mr. Ojjeh continued under his office naming it AOC Partners.

The hedge fund trimmed losses suffered in 2020 after Mr. Ojjeh was under investigation for bribery deals their first slice of client withdrawals began with accusations the hedge fund was likely where dirty money went.

During a trial Mr. Ojjeh was proven to make money from his hedge fund investments in Hungary, Russia, UAE, Libya and Saudi Arabia. And what is wrong with that? It is hardly illegal to make money, it’s just suspicious since all of his bank accounts offshore and foreign investments tell us something about Ojjeh, he has friends in high places.

Mr. Ojjeh’s defense is “I do not run this company” then he goes to say “we” to everything about the company. Ojjeh’s responsibility in the company is just to invest so the company can succeed. He understands business, markets and investment. He successfully runs logistics companies and businesses.

However, Mr. Ojjeh and his firm is under no legal requirement to invest the way he suggests. He has no obligation to be involved in all sorts of slimy deals. The bottom line of all those companies under Alex Ojjeh LLC’s were healthy ones, The same companies he vilified made him rich. Just know that the investor deals with Russia and other points East (Like… Syria…and a bunch of money is made there as a result. The trial showed that Ojjeh used the firm to enrich others, but there is no evidence of collusion or any actual hard crime. Ojjeh just admitted he knew them, no problem.  Ojjeh had very professional dealings with UAE, Libya, Hungary, Russia and more.

But same with Romano and his connection, most admit that Romano and Ojjeh were both “gangsters” Ojjeh was just cleverer compared to Romano. Ojjeh has ties to foreign government officials and influencers, he has direct ties to Hungary money and 40 illegal businesses or as the lawyer calls them, small businesses, he has tax statements that were proven 90% percent accurate. Ojjeh had influence in the Middle East, Dubai and Turkey. Time to bring up how Ojjeh’s friend and government official Al Assad gave him passports that allowed him to enter wherever he wanted.

Then there is all the other stuff, like the closing of the bank accounts, very telling that Milner loved him some Ojjeh. Milner says Ojjeh’s bank accounts shouldn’t be taken down if he hasn’t been indicted on bribery or any other charges. Alex Ojjeh’s 2020 investigation showedhe is really considered aflight risk. Out of desperation imagine Romano actually going to court to defend Alex Ojjeh.

Most of the US shareholders, especially clueless companies, had forgotten about him or never cared who Ojjeh was because they were only dealing with Romano. Why would Romano gotocourt and defend Ojjeh? He wouldn’t. Not sure how long Mr. Romano’s honeymoon will last, if it ever starts. It’s actually more of a “at least he’s not Ojjeh” relief, as there has not been much foreign dealings, when it comes to Romano.

Many are shocked Ojjeh appeared in Istanbul court on Tuesdaybecause he’s a flight risk due to bribery conspiracy charges. Ojjeh was confined with an ankle bracelet for two weeks. Then placed on probation where he had to work within certain perimeters. Ojjeh’s lawyers argued that he should be able to travel outside of U.S, without police permission and that he was no longer a flight risk in April 2021. In which his non-government criminal “lawyer” denies Ojjeh engaged in foreign policy, you have Ojjeh meeting with foreign government, you have multiple people lying about their ties with him, you have Ojjeh lying about where he was.

Ojjeh’s lawyers argued that he should travel to Turkey to pay fines saying he’s too restricted by the U.S and has a number of warrants for unpaid fines, unpaid restitutions, unpaid court appointed consul feels, failure to appear for unpaid fine hearing and any other failure to appear and pay other fees due to the conditions of his bank accounts.

Ojjeh has four active warrants for his arrest in Turkey and faced charges of failure to appear in court.  Ojjeh not only had concealed reporting in Turkey/Kurds, but he had a stable relationship with dictators. If you ask me, it looks like Ojjeh is just in Turkey to pay hush money, so the real issues won’t come out.

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Attorney for adoption-related legal service

Why you need an adoption attorney?

Adoption is the process where a married couple or sometimes even a grown-up adult tries to parent other small children for some other reason. But most of the time, parenting is done for those young ones who are staying in orphans and away from their actual parents due to many reasons.

So, adopting is somehow considered to be a good work, thanks to the people who look for the adoption of those orphan. But hang on a minute. You can’t just take up the child with you. Apart from taking the permission of guardian’s an orphan’s asylum, you have to make the way in the judiciary.

Earlier, back in the 19’s, when the adopters use to make the adoption illegal, there were no such terms related to an adoption attorney. But as and when they started threatening the kids and execute force labor on them. All they want is profit and generate an income source out of the innocent ones.

But now the situation has completely changed. If you are planning to adopt someone, it does not matter whether it is an orphan or any other place. You have to take the legal proceedings and so on.

You must hire a specialized attorney and especially dedicated to adoption-related legal service.

Although, before that, the couple should keep in mind that their financial status is stable, and they can provide things of basic necessity.

More about adoption attorney

Houston is the only city in Texas where there is a maximum number of adoptions done by couples every year. Well, then there is no surprise that the greatest number of attorneys related to adoption all over the United States is in Houston itself.

More or less, there is more than one type of adoption attorney Houston depending upon the legal service you are opting from through which you can keep your opinion in front of the judge. Let us have a deeper look into it.

  • Adoption agencies

More than hundreds of agencies are out there who can give you the legal rights for adopting a child. These agencies are run by expert and experienced adoption attorney Darlington SC who are qualified to give suggestions and advice to an adopter

Most of the stepparents in Texas prefer getting the help of an adoption agency as there is no need to go through court proceedings and all that legal procedures, which consumes time.

  • The international level adoption attorney

As the name goes, these lawyers are professionally trained to act according to more than one nation’s constitutions. If the adopter is a citizen of the US and the child which they are going to adopt is staying in any other country, then the attorney should know the rules related to the adoption of both countries.

If you are looking for international-level adoption, then you approach this type of lawyer. Although, you can also reach out to them if you are planning to adopt within the country. It is quite difficult to get such a category of a lawyer because their demand is considerably low.

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Who Can Sue For Burn Injuries

Second and third-degree burns are nothing to scoff at, and they can cause untold damage if left untreated or uncared for. It can be a costly expense as well. Injuries result in hospital bills, treatment, and in extreme cases, lifelong care. If you have been burned because of a companies negligence, you can sue them. When understanding who can sure for burn injuries, you need to understand the type of incident that makes you eligible for a claim.

Types Of Claims

To understand if you have a case, you will need to identify what type of claim you have.  The list is vast, but the most well-known are these.

An automobile accident. If your car has faulty parts such as the brakes or the accelerator and you get burned, or your car catches on fire because of an accident or mechanical failure, you have a claim that can be filed immediately. In over forty percent of cases in which a vehicle catches on fire, the person inside gets burned.

Furniture injuries are a common issue as well. If the material in the furniture catches on fire, it can spread quickly. If the material was subpar and faulty, this is another area where you could file a claim.

Clothing can catch on fire easily and cause burns, depending on what the clothing is made of. Heating pads are the same. When they are made poorly, the defect can cause third-degree burns. Many injuries have occurred because the company didn’t warn customers adequately.

In addition to that, house fires due to broken smoke detectors or poorly manufactured kitchen appliances. Home appliances like space heaters cause burns, injuries, and death if there are issues with the parts. Another issue that can affect homes is defective products in general. They can explode and cause an acid burn.

One thing you don’t want to have to worry about is putting makeup on, right? Unfortunately, the beauty world isn’t safe either. If your products contain salicylic acid or potassium hydroxide, you are at a high risk of receiving a burn or obtaining nerve damage.

Children’s toys are no longer safe either. Their food or toys can all be a fire hazard. Even their clothing can be dangerous. It’s so important to be aware that everything around you can be a dangerous fire hazard if poorly made.

The last type of accident that could let you file a claim is a workplace incident. If you suffered from toxic chemicals at your job or fire and got hurt, you are eligible for a claim because your work puts you in danger. This is true whether it was the result of a failure in equipment or a managerial fail.

Get The Help You Need

By trusting a reliable lawyer to fight your case for you, you will earn the compensation you need to help your body heal from traumatic injury. With decades of experience, they ensure you get someone who can help you get what you deserve.

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How Does Social Security Disability Insurance Work?

Social Security denied disability insurance claim san diegoca is a regular paycheck tax-supported federal insurance plan of the United States federal government. It is primarily designed to offer income support to individuals who are physically impaired in their capacity to earn an income due to a significant disability. As per the law, people with disabilities are guaranteed a certain level of income support through a monthly payment. It also helps disabled persons to buy necessities like food, clothing, shelter and medical treatment. However, social security disability is not a Pension or Health Insurance program; hence no taxes are paid on it. This article highlights some of the prominent ways through which you can qualify for social security disability benefits and when to contact a social security disability lawyer crown point in specialised in social security disability law cedar lake in.

Social Security defines five broad classifications of individuals who may qualify for the benefits provided by social security disability. They are: – Guaranteed Beneficiaries – Immediate family members including spouse and children – Anyone working under any form of employment for at least one year, who is not self-regulating – Active workers who have continuously worked for at least one year and have been continuously employed by that company for at least one year – Completely disabled people who have contracted serious medical condition and cannot move on their own or are permanently or totally disabled and cannot walk or stand up. As long as you meet all the other requirements outlined in this article, you will qualify for social security disability.

There are certain requirements that must be fulfilled by people who want to avail of social security disability. These are – The age of the applicant must be at least one hundred and twenty-five years of age. Secondly, the applicant must have been receiving monthly benefits for one hundred and thirty-two months within the last ten years. If the applicant qualifies for social security disability, he/she will get a monthly benefit of fifty percent of the former monthly benefits. The age of the recipient must be at least sixty-five years of age.

The second requirement that has to be fulfilled for the application of social security disability is that the applicant must have reached or become disabled before reaching the age of sixty-five years. If the applicant reaches the age of sixty-five years and has not been receiving benefits, he/she is not eligible for application of social security disability. The third requirement is that the applicant must have reached or become disabled after attaining the full retirement age of the United States of America. As long as these requirements are met, no person will be denied the right to apply for social security disability.

Now that you know that you are eligible to apply for Social security benefits, it is important to know how you will go about applying for it. You can either go through a local Social Security office or you can apply online. There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods. Seek advice from a trusted social security disability lawyer columbia sc to know the correct procedure to avail the benefits. 

For those who applied online, they will find the whole process very convenient and fast. If you choose to apply online, you will be required to fill up a simple application form. Upon submission of this form, you will receive a confirmation that gives you specific instructions on how to proceed. Now that you have all the requirements needed in applying for benefits fo social security disability flint mi, you should get started today. There are many people waiting to receive these important disability benefits so make sure you are prepared.

If you need help with Social Security Disability, visit

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Need for a child support lawyer

Causes of guilt in Houston TX have typical causes such as adultery and alcohol or drug addiction. You can also file for divorce if your wife or husband commits what the Houston TX regulation classifies as a “crime against nature,” both before and after making marriage vows. Other causes include:

A specific wife or husband is hospitalized for a period of 5 years or more (this requires a statement from the supervisor of the psychiatric hospital confirming that the husband or wife is incurable) Domestic violence or concern about the possibility of this occurring. A case in which the wife was pregnant with a child from another man at the time of marriage without the knowledge of the husband. A wife or husband has been imprisoned in any state for two years before filing, the full sentence is currently more than 7 years, and if the wife has lived separately from the husband in Houston TX for two years or more.

Division of property

The state of California applies the equitable distribution of divorce cases, which means that the marital home will be divided in what the court decides is the truthful way between the spouses, depending on a number of factors and therefore the need for a child support attorney temecula ca arises. The court may not divide the separate residency of each of the husbands or wives, perhaps during or before the marriage period. The variables indicating the division of marital property include factors such as the level of income and the personal home of each partner.


In child custody settings, child support is an important consideration in similar agreements, shortly after a divorce or separation and custody willpower, the court can commit to a specific meeting (the debtor) to make periodic payments to the other (obligor) party. In most cases, the person making the payments does not have custody of the child, and the person receiving the payments does. When the court has joint physical custody, and the youngster spends a lot of time with mothers and fathers alike, child support can be expected to date, depending on the amounts of income of the parties involved. You can discuss details with your child support lawyers temecula ca to understand the possibilities of a legal procedure. 

Young child assistance and marital assistance

Child and spouse support payments may also be required on a consistent or indefinite basis. This depends on things like the relative income of nearly all wives or husbands / fathers and the resulting lifestyle changes in conjunction with the divorce process. It is very important that you obtain the details and expertise on issues of child assistance laws in your own space.

In child custody settings, child support is an important consideration in similar agreements, shortly after a divorce or separation and custody willpower, the court can commit to a specific meeting (the debtor) to make periodic payments to the other (obligor) party. In most cases, the person making the payments does not have custody of the child, and the person receiving the payments does. When the court has joint physical custody, and the youngster spends a lot of time with mothers and fathers alike, child support can be expected to date, depending on the amounts of income of the parties involved.

Most countries and global bodies recognize the responsibilities of every mother and father in raising and improving their young children, regardless of whether the father and mother live together or separately.

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