Reasons to Get Turkish Citizenship


The Eurasian country Turkey gets millions of visitors every year. This country is wealthy with its geographical advantage, historical structures, cultural values, and natural beauty. It also enjoys a strategic geographical and cultural importance. It has been playing the role of a bridge between European and Asian cultures and civilizations for centuries. Its strategic geographical position has made it an important trade route between the East and West. 

Turkish citizens can enjoy a high quality life with growth in superstructure and infrastructure projects. Turkey has opened its gates to a beautiful life to the foreigners as well. People belonging to other countries can get Turkish citizenship along with Turkish passport through investment or purchasing residential property with professionals like Elmaslar Real Estate. There are quite a few good reasons to contribute towards Turkish economy.

The Passport

 In the year 2018 Turkish passport got 114 points and occupied 39th place. Turkish citizen with the passport can enter seven countries with online visa while getting visa free access to 42 countries. The citizen can get the visa at the border of these 42 countries. The passport is capable of granting visa free access to 77 countries like Brazil, Serbia, Chile, Qatar, Thailand and more. Turkish passport holders also get visas from many countries under easy conditions. 

High-quality Life

Turkish life is considered to be high quality one with the access to free and advanced educational opportunities. This country provides a safe environment along with excellent health facilities. Exemption from military service can be granted if one applies for TCBI. This country offers one of the world’s most unique cuisines, the Turkish cuisine. The Mediterranean climate with scenic beauty has rendered Turkey its most beautiful and cherished treasure which helps it to grow its economy through tourism. The laws for getting Turkish citizenship through investing in real estate have made this life accessible to citizens of other countries.

James McNeal

The author James McNeal