Common Errors That Lead to Medical Malpractice

While following proper procedures and practicing caution is necessary for any field, it’s even more crucial in the field of medicine. After all, in medicine, the consequences of a single error, no matter how minor, can be dire. In some cases, it can even cost someone’s life or cause permanent injuries and will need the services of a medical malpractice attorney north charleston nc.

Unfortunately, medical errors tend to be common among healthcare professionals, even serving as the third leading cause of death in the US. In such cases, filing a medical malpractice claim with the help of a reliable medical malpractice lawyer in Chicago can be the best course of action.

However, not all types of medical errors can be considered medical malpractice. Therefore, you first need to identify the common errors that could lead to medical malpractice before you can file a lawsuit.

What is Medical Malpractice?

In general, medical malpractice is defined as a situation wherein a physician breached their professional duty to provide the proper care to their patients. This means that they failed to provide the care and competence necessary to treat their patients’ conditions.

Medical malpractice can occur in almost any healthcare setting, not just hospitals. In this case, you can also witness medical malpractice in medical offices, private clinics, nursing homes, and even your own home.

Common Types of Medical Errors That Lead to Medical Malpractice

In general, there are five types of common medical errors that can lead to medical malpractice lawsuits. They are as follows:

Failure to Diagnose or Misdiagnosis

Physicians need to first identify what the illness is to ensure that their patients receive the proper care to address their conditions. However, different illnesses can present similar conditions in some cases, making it difficult for doctors to diagnose their patients accurately.

Unfortunately, this type of medical error can lead to severe consequences for their patients. In many cases, it can lead to death because they received the wrong treatment, even none at all, due to the doctor’s failure to provide the proper diagnosis.

Surgical Errors

Surgeries are considered delicate medical procedures, and doctors need to follow the correct protocols to minimize risks. After all, any mistakes before, during, and after the procedure can result in devastating consequences for the patient, including further health complications, permanent injuries, and even death.

Anesthesia Errors

Anesthesia is commonly used for medical procedures considered too painful for the patient to bear without. However, anesthesia is considered a potent substance, and medical professionals need to closely monitor patients administered with anesthesia.

Failure to do so can result in severe consequences for the patient’s health.

Prescription Errors

Medications are often the first course of treatment for patients, with doctors prescribing medicines to treat different conditions. However, prescription errors tend to be common among doctors, although patients often do not report these mistakes.

The consequences of prescription errors tend to vary. In some cases, they can be as minor as a slight reaction to the wrong medication or dosage. In others, they can also lead to death, especially when the prescribed medicine has a strong reaction to other medications.

Childbirth Errors

This type of error can occur before, during, and after the patient gives birth. In such situations, neglecting to provide the proper care can harm not just the mother but it can also harm the baby. In some cases, childbirth errors can lead to significant issues in the child’s growth and development, impacting their lives.

Medical Malpractice Help with a Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Filing a medical malpractice claim can be tricky, especially since you’ll need to establish that your doctor committed an error that more competent physicians could have easily prevented. In this case, hiring a skilled Chicago medical malpractice lawyer can be the right choice.

They can help you not only establish your claim but also gather the necessary evidence to support it. They can also find qualified medical experts to testify on your behalf.