March 28, 2022


Make Closing The Chapter Easier With A Divorce Lawyer From Law Hub.

There are many divorce stories out there that could very well be scripted and turned into a dramatic, heart-wrenching movie about betrayal, infidelity and falling out of love, but yours doesn’t have to follow suit!

When you choose the professional divorce lawyers at Law Hub to represent and guide you through your divorce, you are assured of the best possible outcomes with continued support throughout the entirety of the process. With us, you will feel included, heard and respected, so get in touch today!

When The Tables Turn.

The story is all too familiar; a classic tale of two kindred hearts finding each other at the perfect moment, instantly knowing that forever has just begun. At least that’s how it starts for some people, but for the most part, finding ‘the one’ is usually a complicated and messy endeavour of awkward firsts, arguments, compromises and the inevitability of getting all too familiar with your significant other’s personal and private habits. But, still, the time you spend in each other’s company fills your life with purpose and joy, so overlooking the details of their personality that are not necessarily attractive to you becomes easier as time goes on.

Unfortunately, love can be fleeting, and not every relationship is built to last. That’s not to say that you are destined to be alone, but rather that, even though people are typically creatures of habit, they can also change and do things we would have never expected.

That’s precisely why you are looking for a divorce lawyer. Because the dynamics of your relationship have changed. Your partner changed, you changed, your circumstances changed. But, take a deep breath and let it out, knowing that you are not alone. There have been many before you, and many that will follow after because keeping the spark alive is sometimes not worth the blood, sweat and tears.

So, when the rose finally withers, and the tables begin to turn, it’s truly in your best interest to seek help from professionals. Through the emotional and mental demands of a divorce, it is vital to have the support and help you need to ensure your interests are met and that you can walk away with your head held high.

Starting A New Life.

Your fresh start may seem impossible in the face of a contested divorce, but we can help you reach the finish line.

Marriages are like a twisted ball of rubber bands, each band signifying a bond, responsibility, investment, memory and obligation. Obviously, the longer you are married, the bigger your ball becomes. So, when divorce rears its head, the untangling process begins. Each rubber band must be removed, analysed, and equally shared between the two parties. However, in a contested divorce, this process can become frustratingly drawn-out, leading you to feel overwhelmed and possibly defeated in ever starting your new life.

Going through it alone, without legal representation, can make this process even more daunting. But, with a divorce lawyer from Law Hub, you can confidently take steps forward to ending this chapter of your life and starting a new one with lessons learned.

Compassion For Your Best Interests.

Going through a divorce may raise a series of questions in your mind that make you doubt and second guess yourself. Most times, you begin to question if it is your fault, but don’t go down that rabbit hole of self-sabotage. The truth is, not every end to a marriage is a bad thing, and when you have the guidance of an experienced divorce lawyer, you will realise that the divorce is in your best interest.

Of course, you will go through a whirlwind of mixed emotions, moments of great sadness and moments of immense anger, and navigating the hardship of the process will be overwhelming. So, it can be easy to overlook or even forget the reasons that led you to the divorce papers on your nightstand, but what we don’t want you to forget is what is best for you.

Legal representation from a divorce lawyer ensures your best interests are taken care of and that the process is as easy for you as possible. Get in touch with Law Hub today to book a consultation.

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Road Safety: The Need for Motorcycle Helmet Laws

A record 8.02% of US households have at least one motorcycle registered. So clearly, plenty of people are using motorcycles to get around.

That’s why motorcycle helmet laws are so important. Riders are amongst the most vulnerable road users, and these laws can keep people safe.

Wearing a helmet can be the difference between life and death in a crash, preventing lethal head injuries.

It can be difficult to decipher the exact laws around wearing a helmet in your state. In this article, we provide an overview of helmet laws so that you can stay safe when riding.

What Are Your Motorcycle Helmet Laws?

In 1967, the USA began to change. Where those who wore motorcycle helmets had once been thought of as uncool, new motorcycle safety laws began to arrive, which mandated the wearing of motorcycle helmets. Now, there are a number of different caveats to the helmet mandate, depending on the state in question.

Here, we list the states that have different types of helmet laws.

First are the states that require all riders to wear a helmet. The headgear should meet D.O.T standards:

  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Nevada
  • California
  • Alaska
  • Nebraska
  • Missouri
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Tennessee
  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • New York
  • Massachusetts
  • Maryland

Here are the states that require riders of a certain age to wear a helmet. This is usually between 17-20 years of age:

  • Montana
  • Idaho
  • Wyoming
  • Utah
  • Colorado
  • Arizona
  • New Mexico
  • Hawaii
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Kansas
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas
  • Minnesota
  • Wisconsin
  • Arkansas
  • Michigan
  • Indiana
  • Ohio
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Rhode Island
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Florida
  • New Hampshire
  • Delaware
  • Connecticut

Some states have conditions attached to their laws, such as the requirement of reflective decals on the helmet for raised visibility. They are:

  • Vermont
  • New Jersey
  • West Virginia

Only 2 states have no helmet requirement: Iowa and Illinois. In those states, avoiding motorcycle accidents is key for riders who choose to go without a helmet, due to the lack of legislation.

The Importance of Motorcycle Safety

Avoiding motorcycle accidents means avoiding motorcycle fatalities. There are a lot of rules when it comes to being on the road, but there are also plenty of unexpected hazards to be aware of. Here are some tips for riding safely.

One of the biggest hazards for cyclists is debris. Whether it’s being kicked up by other vehicles or is sitting in the road causing a hazard to smaller modes of transport, it’s vital to be hyper-aware of debris and road surfaces. Always look ahead for anything that might damage your tires or cause you to crash.

Commandeering a motorcycle can leave you with countless things to do. This guide on offers plenty of useful tips as to avoiding motorcycle accidents. Stay safe on the roads.

Wear Your Helmet and Keep Yourself Safe

Now that you know the motorcycle helmet laws in your state, you can feel good in the knowledge that you’re riding legally. Even if it’s not the law, wearing a helmet can save your life, so consider putting one on next time you ride.

If you found this article useful, we have plenty more guides to local laws and requirements waiting for you on our blog. Check out our recent posts for the latest legal and advocacy news!

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