3 Reasons to Hire a Paralegal at Your Practice

Lawyers are known for working all the time, but successful lawyers understand that they can’t handle everything by themselves. They are willing to delegate tasks to other people in their firm. Taking on too much work results in unsatisfied clients and burnt-out lawyers.

When you hire a paralegal, you execute a cost-effective solution to your law-related problems. Read on to see a few of the benefits of hiring a paralegal to learn why you should employ a paralegal at a law firm. 

Completing Administrative and Legal Prep Tasks 

Paralegals are professionals in legal science, but they can’t offer legal advice. Their main responsibility involves assisting the lawyers on the team. Certain tasks can be delegated to a paralegal that will save the firm time and money.

These tasks are generally the ones that aren’t billable to the client. Paralegals can do legal research and gather evidence for client cases. They can draft legal documents, correspondence, and pleadings.

They can also summarize depositions, interrogations, and testimonies. A paralegal might make calls to clients, witnesses, or lawyers to schedule appointments and meetings. A paralegal might also take on supervisory duties like overseeing team projects.

Your paralegals can improve your current filing system by organizing legal documents. Anyone handling legal documents and evidence must have access to proper organizational materials. has all of the tools needed to implement a file system that will benefit how smoothly your firm is running.

Hiring a paralegal makes it easier for lawyers to focus on the more pressing matters. This helps to improve productivity for everyone in the law firm. 

Saving Money for You and Your Clients

Unfortunately, paralegals can’t represent clients in court or handle depositions. However, they are still a valuable asset to your legal team. You can assign a paralegal to certain legal tasks for your client at a lower hourly rate than a lawyer. 

Paralegals can conduct interviews with witnesses and clients. They can gather legal information through research. They can even draft and file legal documents. 

They can handle matters involving a power of attorney, filing for bankruptcy, or estate planning. 

Building a Support System of Law Professionals

Law firms rely on a team of highly skilled legal professionals to be successful. This team should include a combination of lawyers (and paralegals!) with a variety of legal backgrounds to create a solid support system. All of the different legal backgrounds allow the law firm to work together to provide clients with more services under one roof and effectively solve client problems.

Hire a Paralegal for Your Law Firm

When considering your options for different solutions in your law firm, make sure to how your firm might improve if you hire a paralegal. Not only will you save money, but you will improve client results and lower your workload. 

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