Can a Lawyer Assist You in Reducing Your Child Support Payment?

Under the child support law, you have to pay a fixed payment to your child. But if you are facing any problem or want to reduce your child’s expenses. 

With the help of your family lawyer and child support attorney temecula ca, you can make changes in child support laws for valid reasons. Continue your reading to know more about it.

What you need to know about child protection

You can’t stop this method unless the court says or you have a valid reason. 

State and formula rules usually determine children’s support. It is unavoidable that this method continues unless a judge rules otherwise or you do not have a valid reason to do so. 

You could face the consequences, such as a judge garnishing your wages, taking your driver’s license or professional license, or even ordering you to spend time in jail if you stop making the payment. You must pay child support orders if a court orders it unless you can demonstrate very compelling reasons for doing so.

Children’s support lawyers’ methods

Both child custody attorney clermont county oh and family law are types of practices where the lawyer constantly represents the child. 

  • In the lead up to the hearing

Typically, a hearing or trial is required to determine child support. Also, your attorney will need to gather financial records showing how much each parent earns, such as tax returns, paychecks, and other financial information.

Court hearings are usually required to modify child support payments. Your attorney can help you prepare for your hearing, gather significant evidence, and present your case to the judge.

  • The process of obtaining and modifying child support

Child support guidelines have become law in most states. Parents and judges can determine child support based on their income numbers by plugging them into a child support calculator. 

Child support guidelines can, however, be inadequate in some cases. Your attorney can help you show the judge why it should change your child support award if it differs from the guideline amount.

Can I reduce child support with the help of an attorney?

Getting a reduction in payments requires a legal appeal to be filed with the court. For a state to reduce child support, you must show a substantial change in circumstances that prevents you from paying the court-ordered amount.

The term “substantial change in circumstances” generally refers to something significant if issued the initial child support order. When a medical diagnosis prevents you from working or being fired without fault, you may qualify to lower your child support obligation.


Consequently, you can reduce the child support payment for your child in this way. You should consult an attorney about child support and ensure that the case is filed with valid reasons.

Child support can be redeemed for several reasons, such as the child falling into the wrong company, wasting money, etc. You can also direct the attorney to propose to reduce the amount of those factors taken into account. 

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