The 3 Biggest Truck Accident Lawsuit Settlements

Any accident on the road can be deadly, but things are usually worse when it comes to larger vehicles like trucks. The fatality rate for accidents involving trucks is much higher than for regular vehicles, and this is one of the reasons settlements are often larger.

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If you or a loved one was involved in a truck accident, it’s a great idea to know how much other plaintiffs were able to get so you can have a general idea of what type of compensation you can realistically expect. It could also put your case into perspective. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest truck accident lawsuit settlements ever recorded.

Tracey Morgan vs Walmart

In 2014, a Walmart truck driver made the news for being involved in a car crashed that killed comedian Tracy McNair and left Tracey Morgan with several injuries. This happened when the driver fell asleep at the wheel and ran into the comedians’ limo. It was found that the truck driver had driven 28 hours straight before the fatal crash and was reportedly driving at 65mph in a 45mph zone.

The truck accident lawyer prince georges county md in this case was instrumental in showing negligence, both from the driver and Walmart, which ultimately led to a huge settlement of $90 million. This is why working with a firm with lengthy experience with these types of cases is important, like Munley Law truck accident attorneys, for instance. These firms know these cases in and out and know exactly what to look for and who to sue, as there are many possible parties involved.

Kim DeLoach vs Total Transportation

In 2015 in Savanah, Georgia, John Wayne Johnson, who was working for Total Transportation, crashed in the back of an SUV, causing a chain reaction. The truck driver killed five nursing students and severely injured others. Six vehicles were involved in total.

One of the victims’ mothers was able to file a wrongful death lawsuit against Total Transportation alleging that Johnson breached his duty of care. It was also found that the company had him stop for 10 hours at a terminal before sending him on an overnight ride without checking if he was physically able to do so. This resulted in an $80 million settlement.

Hoang Le vs. Weldone Trailer Repair and TM Kovacevich International

This is a case where more than one party was involved, which is very common with these types of accidents. Le was driving on the I-95 when he saw a truck’s fuel tank fall, causing a spill. Le then pulled over the shoulder to avoid the spill. A vehicle being him slipped on the spill and crashed into his vehicle.

As a result, Le’s suffered multiple injuries and was deemed disabled, meaning that he lost his ability to earn a living. TM Kovacevich was deemed responsible for not ensuring that their vehicles were safe to drive, and the company that worked on the truck, Weldone Trailer Repair, was deemed liable for not performing the repair or inspecting the vehicle properly. Le was awarded a 16.5 million settlement as a result.

These are some of the most well-known and biggest settlements in the US. They should serve as examples of how these cases pan out, and what kind of damages you might be able to sue for.