Visiting a Brooklyn urologist? Here’s what to expect

Urologists specialize in treating conditions related to the male reproductive health and the urinary system. While women may also need the expertise of these specialized doctors, men often have more reasons to schedule an appointment. If you are worried about the experience, here’s what to expect when meeting a Brooklyn urologist.

Signs to see a urologist

There are several symptoms that need attention, and you should certainly see a urologist if –

  1. You have erectile dysfunction
  2. You have pain in the testicles
  3. You have kidney stones
  4. You want to consider vasectomy
  5. You have blood in your urine
  6. You have painful urination
  7. You have issues with your bladder
  8. You have a burning sensation in your penis
  9. You have discharge from your penis that doesn’t feel normal.

The first visit

As you step into the urologist’s office, they will start discussing your symptoms. While it can be hard to talk about your concerns, especially for sensitive subjects like ED, you should be upfront and honest with the doctor. They may want you to give a urine sample, which is why it is best to avoid an empty bladder. In many clinics, you may need to fill out a questionnaire before you see the urologist, and the staff will brief the doctor about your symptoms. Your urologist will also talk about your medical history and the medications you are currently taking. They may need to order additional blood and urine tests along with imaging studies, which means you have to return to the clinic with the results. You may want to take your medical file with you.

The second visit

Once you have your imaging studies and other reports, check with the urologist again, and they will discuss the best ways to treat the diagnosed condition. During your first visit, they may recommend certain medications that may help relieve the immediate symptoms, especially if you have pain. The second appointment is more about determining how to fix the underlying concern rather than just treating the symptoms. You may need to come back for a third appointment after you have completed your medications, after which you may need to repeat specific tests.

Final word

Visiting a urologist doesn’t have to be stressful. As long as you share an open line of communication with the doctor, they will answer all your questions. You should also see a urologist if you are considering circumcision as an adult or want more details about vasectomy reversal. Book an appointment today.