Divorce and Child Maintenance, Everything You Need to Know About them in The US

In the US, divorce has now become very common. However, when a couple divorces, the children face a crisis as they lose a family.  It is not only traumatic for a child, but it can be emotional for the parents too. A divorce lawyer can help the divorcing parents to get an applicable custodial system for the underaged child. 

Here, you can know about the types of child custody divorcing parents can get in the US. Consider going through this article thoroughly if you plan to divorce anytime soon and are concerned about your child. 

Types of child custody in the US

There are multiple types of child custody in the US. Go through the following part and check the most appropriate kind of custody you can get:

Joint Physical Custody

In the case of Joint Physical Custody, the child is allowed to keep contact with both the parents after a divorce. It is the most convenient type of child custody the US courts grant to a divorcing couple. 

In the case of a JPC, a court provides a schedule for the child in terms of responsibility and costs related to the custody. In this type of custody, the child can always stay in touch with both parents.

Legal Custody

Legal custody assures that a parent can take all significant decisions relating to the child’s life. In this case, the role of a child custody lawyers Greensboro NC becomes prominent. The best they can do is settle the legal custody of a child in the style of JPC. 

However, if one parent turns down to have the child’s responsibility, it can be turned into Sole Legal Custody. The details of Sole Legal Custody are given below. 

Sole Physical Custody

A child is provided with Sole Physical Custody if any of the parents refuse to take the responsibilities of a child. In this case, one of the parents will have the all-around right over the child. 

The non-custodial parent, however, can meet the child as per the visiting laws. The court makes the visiting laws, and the divorce lawyer oversees it. Due to this reason, you must hire a proper person who can ensure suitable future days for your child.

At times, a growing child can face an emotional trauma in starting to live with one parent only. So, you should always try to settle a divorce mutually and take Joint Physical Custody for your child. 


Whether it is a divorce or a child custody case, a divorce lawyer can always be a great support. You must always choose someone who practices in your locality. In that case, he is more likely to know your socio-economic condition and file a divorce case accordingly. Another thing you must remember is counseling your child correctly while you are planning for a divorce. Mental trauma should never be there with your child as it can lead them to long-term disorders.  

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