Top Tips To Become a Human Rights Advocate


In a perfect world, equality would span the globe. Individuals should never have to face discrimination due to factors such as their culture, gender, race, or economic status. Some people not only face persecution, but they also lack the ability to represent their own political and civil rights. You can become a human rights advocate for them by following these tips.

Pursue a Career

If you have a passion for human rights like Mohamed Soltan does, consider turning it into a career. After earning an undergraduate degree in human studies, you can pursue graduate school or enter the workforce in a variety of fields. Common focal areas include international relations, social services, advocacy, and law.

Select a Cause

When it comes to human rights advocacy, there are a lot of concerns to address. Advocates often care about several subjects, but it is helpful to focus on one area at a time. Selecting the cause that you’re most passionate about allows your efforts to remain more organized and effective.

Ask yourself a few questions if you are having a difficult time deciding where to point your efforts. Would you rather address issues in your community, across the country, or on the other side of the world? Do you have a personal connection to any cause? What type of services do you want to provide?

Get Educated

To be influential, you must educate yourself. Read articles in magazines, online, and in newspapers to familiarize yourself with the issue. The more sources you study, the more well-rounded your perspective will become.

Instead of just learning the modern-day concerns, you should also research the history. Consider where the restrictive laws and policies originated, why they remain in place, and what needs to change. It’s helpful to have collaborative conversations with others in person or through online forums.

Start Small

Changing the world for the better is an admirable goal, but it can be difficult to start your journey. Not everyone has the time or resources for large projects like campaigns or mission trips. When you become too focused on the end goal, you can overlook simple tasks that still make a difference.

There are many things you can do from home in your spare time. A great start is spreading awareness. Connect to social movements or local organizations to share your story and listen to others. Daily decisions such as selecting fairtrade products when you shop and standing up to discrimination you witness matter.

Volunteer Your Time

It can be challenging to develop a career in human rights advocacy. If you’re pursuing a job, you need to set yourself apart. Look for internships and volunteer opportunities to gain experience early on. Even if you don’t wish to obtain a career, volunteering is incredible.

Not every organization is always accepting volunteers. Non-government organizations or civil societies often have more opportunities because they lack government resources. Larger organizations may be more competitive, but they offer more hands-on experience.

Don’t wait to get involved in human rights advocacy. You can follow these tips to start making a difference today.