May 12, 2021


A Few Things to Look for While Hiring Family Law Attorney

Hiring the best lawyer is quite a critical decision, especially if you have to deal with family-related matter. You just cannot afford to hire an inexperienced family lawyer to advise you.

Changing a lawyer will always be too costly, time-consuming and a challenging task. When we talk about family law florence sc, then “complicated” will be the best word for describing it. There will be so much that may go into family law, which not every lawyer may have the experience to deal with such situations. Therefore, if you are handling any legal proceeding that may involve familial relationships, then you must be sure to hire a well-qualified attorney in family law Franklin County GA.

Certain issues like divorce may not be a simple issue that can be resolved as there are a few strict legal bindings. However, the hard reality is, you are up for cutting off the relationship of certain married life of a couple through a divorce.

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Let us discuss in this article about the various attributes that you must look for while you want to hire any personal lawyer to deal the sensitive issues like divorce or separations etc.

What to know when looking for a lawyer | SC Legal Info Inc

1.    Personalized service

Certain personal cases like divorce can always be very difficult to handle. They can also be emotionally draining. And if children are also involved, then the case becomes even more painful. Therefore, while dealing with such a case, you will need a lawyer who should not only have experience with such cases, but also must be empathetic.

How the attorney listens to your story and the manner how he or she asks questions or communicates makes a lot of difference between an average and the best lawyer.

2.    Familiarity with judges and courts

Not only should the lawyer be empathetic and emotional, but also practical too. If a lawyer is regularly appearing before judges in the court then he may have a certain edge over any other lawyer who rarely fights any case within the court system.

A practical lawyer will always know certain dos and don’ts while appearing in court before any judge. A few small things can make lots of difference in such high-conflict cases.

3.    Legal fees

For any legal cases or any kind of service, most of us always tend to obtain that at the lowest price that is possible. However, the cheapest service may not necessarily be the best. You will get what you will pay, like the famous saying goes, “if you throw peanuts, then you will only get a monkey”.

A good lawyer will not make you bankrupt rather any skilled lawyer will also value your money.

4.    Experience

As mentioned before, experience is the key, while dealing with personal cases. Any cases pertaining to family law can always be very delicate to handle. When you have got an experienced legal professional by your side, then you can present your case effectively.

An experienced attorney will hold extensive knowledge by virtue of his dealing in the past similar such cases. Therefore, he can understand better how legal things work in such kind of situation.

5.    Specialization

Besides experience, specialization is also another important factor. You need to do a little research before you find your family law attorney. It is not enough to have a good understanding of legal matters.

So, you must try to hire an attorney who had got specialization in this family law field. Only you must look for a family lawyer who is specialized to help you to get the justice that you deserve.

6.    Professionalism

Your family law attorney must take proper care of his clients. He must do everything within his power and try to win the case in court. A professional lawyer will invest his time to build a very compelling case.

He will always welcome your questions and take your phone calls. He will listen to your case attentively and fully understand your basic problems and try to wind up the case within the shortest period.

7.    Financial documents

A good lawyer will like to know your financial condition and therefore, he may ask you to show certain financial documents before taking up your case. He will also ask you several uncomfortable questions too so that he can understand what you are expecting out of the case.

Therefore, it will be sensible to show him or her any tax-related documents, income statements, mortgage statements, etc. as documentary evidence to let him know your current financial condition.

8.    Reputation

People in general and his past client, in particular, must say good things about his professionalism, his success, and his way of handling various cases. Avoid hiring those lawyers who often apply unfair means to build the case that may offer you initial success but in the long run, it may go against you.

9.    Your comfort level

Last but not least, you must feel comfortable speaking to your lawyer. Often if you are female then you may not feel very comfortable sharing certain information that may be too embarrassing. However, that also depends not so much on the gender but the personality of your personal attorney.

You will know this when you start discussing your case and the manner he or she asks you various questions.

Reading independent reviews will surely be the best way of finding out and also what most of your family, friends, and the general people may think about any family law attorneys that you are considering. In case any of your close friends or a family member has recently gone through any personal litigation case, it will be worthwhile to seek their recommendation.

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Understand The Texas Law – Is It Assault or Self-Defense?

Everyone has the right to protect themselves from violence or force. Self-defense applies to protecting yourself, others, and even your home or family. To prove it legally, the defendant must have evidence that a person is making violent threats or acting violently.

On the Texas Criminal Justice website, you can find the best Galveston criminal defense attorney who has experience in handling different types of criminal cases, including white-collar crimes, drug possession, and more. Also, they are affordable too.

In this article, you can learn when a self-defense case is justified and also when the violence crosses the assault line as per Texas law.

Self-defense scenarios

According to Texas law, 3 primary conditions allow a person to use force over other people. They include:

  • When someone enters your place of employment, business, vehicle, or house forcefully or unlawfully
  • When someone attempts to remove your family members or you forcefully or unlawfully from your vehicle, place of employment or business, or house
  • When someone attempts or commits sexual assault, robbery, kidnapping, or aggravated kidnapping, aggravated robbery, or aggravated sexual assault

In all these conditions, an assault is considered self-defense when defendants have not aggravated a person who used the force and not engaged in any other criminal activity over the traffic violation at that particular time.

Self-defense laws in Texas and tricky conditions

Under the self-defense law of Texas, Protection of Life or Health – an individual is justified based on the:

  • Applying force (not too much) to protect someone from inflicting injuries to him or her or attempting suicide
  • Applying force over another person to defend some other’s life

How much force is reasonable?

In self-defense cases, the court considers how much force is used to protect her or him. The defendant needs to show that he or she has used reasonable force to defend from the attack.

If you assault anyone through self-defense to defend yourself from an attack, threat, or violence, the force you use in the assault should be reasonable. It means, the force you used should not be too much and the individual you struck should not be a mismatch in age, size, or gender.

If you used maximum force, then the case will not come under self-defense. Also, you will be charged and considered as the offender. This assault can be a felony or misdemeanor crime, and it leads to punishments like imprisonment or steep fines based on the harshness.

Self-defense and a threat of violence

Receiving violent threats also comes under self-defense law. The defendant doesn’t need to be physically attacked to claim self-defense. These cases are tricky because one may claim the other as the attacker. In case the defendant has started fighting, then it is difficult to assert self-defense. Even if the opponent person escalated, the defendant must be in legal rights.

Stand Ground laws in Texas

Under the law of Texas Castle Doctrine and the Stand, Your Ground – an individual can use reasonable force to defend their home, vehicle, or other property.

There is an inadequate definition of what comes under an individual habitation. It includes a vehicle or structure adapted for a night, a portion of a vehicle, or structure occupied, and others. Texas is one of the states that have the Stand Your Ground law. It means a person is not bounded to retreat legally. In case someone enters you forcefully, you will have the right to protect yourself.

I Was Just Defending Myself!” Texas Assault vs. Self-Defense - Fulgham Law  Firm

When Does Texas consider a case is not self-defense?

  • In few situations, the force used will not be justified in court. They are:
  • Someone verbally provoked
  • No use of weapons
  • No threat or violent signs
  • No physical contact

In the above-mentioned situations, using force is considered an assault, not self-defense. Plus, a person who possesses a weapon when discussing something with another person cannot be justified as a case of self-defense.

Whatever the situation is, as per law, you have the right to assert self-defense if charged with a crime. The court will decide whether your trials are for self-defense or assault.

Is defending others come under self-defense?

Protecting others from violence or threat is also considered self-defense but within limits. In such a case, it should be conventional that person X has strong reason to believe – person Y has a threat from person Z, and person X assaulted person Z to protect person Y.

A person can use force to avoid several crimes to protect someone based on the situation as per Texas law.

Self-defense cases will not go for a trial

According to the law of Texas, a self-defense case will not go for a trial. Moreover, the prosecutor will decide to drop or dismiss an assault case based on the given situation.

For example, in September 2019, a mother was not charged after using force over a thief who tried to kidnap her child and steal her vehicle.

Also, according to a 2015 self-defense study, only 12 persons out of 146 are charged undershooting cases. In Texas, under self-defense shooting, only 2 are charged out of 45.

A prosecutor has to prove the criminal intent

In self-defense cases, the prosecutors will have the burden to prove the event because both defendant and assault are doubtful. In such a case, the prosecutor has to show that the criminal intent was with the assault. That is, the defendant threatened or harmed the other person with malice or anger.

For this, the defense lawyer has to fight in several ways to establish, the force used was not in malice or anger, while it is not intentional. Also, the lawyer has to prove the defendant was in danger and he or she has used enough force to stop.

If you or your beloved one has been arrested with assault, though it is self-defense, then consult a professional defense attorney who has a good experience. Most self-defense cases are dismissed or dropped off before trial. So, research to find a well-experienced attorney and consult immediately before your case comes to trial.

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