December 29, 2021


How to apply for a student sponsor licence- Part 2- Life as a student sponsor.

Sponsoring students sure is not easy as a Student sponsor. You must be a Home Office authorised sponsor licence holder. You must have a sponsor licence to sponsor students overseas for courses longer than 6 months. 

Highly important for you to meet education oversight requirements laid down in the  sponsor licence guidance. 

Category of student licence

As an education provider, if you have independent school only then you can sponsor children under the child student route, for children between the ages of 4 years and 18 years.

Other education providers can sponsor students under the mainstream student route. 

Education provider’s trustworthiness test

The Home Office clearly specifies that the education provider or any prospective sponsor licence holder must ensure that the system is never abused.

System abuse is a common reason for many sponsor licence suspension and revocation. 

The Home Office strictly asserts that the education provider must:

  • Be a legitimate education provider with acceptable educational quality standards.
  • Be operating lawfully in the UK and adhering to all relevant rules and regulations
  • Be  regarded as qualified and suitable to hold a sponsor licence
  • Be capable of carrying out its duties as a sponsor.

Your organisation must provide clear evidence that it is capable of fulfilling sponsorship obligations.

In that sense, the first essential step is assigning Key personnel

  1. Authorising officer: An authorising person takes overall responsibility of the licence, hence it is recommended that he/she must be a senior person in the organisation. An authorised person must never be a legal representative of the organisation.
  2. Key contact person: he/she is personally responsible for connecting with the Home Office. He/she could be a legal representative.
  3. Level 1 & level 2 user: These individuals will be in charge of the licence’s day-to-day management as well as the process of sponsoring students through the sponsorship management system (SMS)

Home office audit 

The application which you submit will have the Home Office visit you soon.  The visiting officer will want to speak with people who will be in charge of compliance to see how the organisation plans to follow the rules and standards outlined in the sponsor guidelines.

It becomes imperative that you prepare in advance. 

You can take legal consultation from Immigration Solicitors, who help you guide and prepare you for the Home office audit.

Life as a sponsor

Once the licence has been issued, you are bound to complete an annual basic compliance assessment(BCA)

Every year, the sponsor must submit an online form to the Home Office demonstrating that:

  • Less than 10% of the students it sponsored the previous year had their subsequent visa application denied.
  • and at least 85% of sponsored students who were supposed to finish courses that year did so.
  • at least 90% of those students enrolled

In case you fail to meet with the Basic Annual Assessment(BCA), your licence is directly revoked by the Home office.

To avoid such a mistake, you must consult A Y & J Solicitors, their bespoke visa and immigration services can help you understand sponsorship obligations.

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How to Choose a Good Lawyer

How to Choose a Good Lawyer

When you get into a legal dispute, it’s always good to have a lawyer handy. They can help guide you through the process to win your case. Think about the qualities you need to pick the ideal attorney for your needs. Here are some things to consider in a good lawyer.

Do a Background Check

Does the lawyer have a solid education? What type of winning record does he have for his cases? Can the person represent you for proceedings that require deposition summaries?

It’s imperative to know the potential lawyers out there who can help you with your legal matter. You can get some advice from your friends and family on the type of attorney you need regarding your case.

Find out their disciplinary record to get an idea of their behavior in a law setting. Do they have a good standing with the state bar?

If you see any red flags, use them to narrow your choices down to the right attorney. Doing your research before choosing one lawyer can help save you from future headaches.

Interview Your Lawyer

Inquiry about their law firm. Do they work alone or have a team of resources to help you win your case? It can make a difference in the outcome when you have a staff focus on specific aspects of your legal matters.

Find out their demeanor. See if the attorney answers truthfully and politely.

Trust is a pivotal factor in choosing an attorney because he should know you beyond the potential trial. You want to see if they support you from the get-go or look at you as just a quick dollar.

Speaking with a lawyer can help you measure their intent and how much they will invest in your legal problem.

Negotiating the Fee

Hiring a lawyer is expensive. However, some lawyers won’t break your pockets if it’s a light case. If the lawyer has to fight for you to the very end, this can be something they charge quite a bit because they already know the hurdles.

Find out what your legal counsel charges. Maybe they have a fixed or hourly rate. Also, the law firm might have a standard rate that the lawyer must follow.

Attorneys should be upfront with you and all of the things that go into legal fees.

Always do your research when hiring a lawyer to help you get to the best outcome of your court case.

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